Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More Stillness

It is funny, you know when you are thinking about one particular thing and it seems to be everywhere. I have been thinking more about being in the moment, being still, and feeling that calm throughout. And I was following a link about parenting and came across The Mindful Parent site. And in reading through some of the pages, I ran across a little page about stillness, and meditations on stillness. The page read in part:

"Mindful parenting meditations guide us into the stillness that is present in every moment. It is from within this stillness that love and joy explode not just into our hearts, but throughout our entire being. This stillness though, is an elusive space and one we think our way out of all too quickly.

We search for the stillness and silence that we sense is at our core and the place where we will find true happiness. Of course, every moment presents us with the opportunity to enter into that space. But, the distractions and assumed realities of our existence make finding such comfort, let alone keeping it, all but impossible.

One of the keys to the doorway of stillness and deep joy is found in our connection to our children. Time and again our hearts melt when we observe and are with our children. At these moments, we are in a state of pure awareness -- the joy creeps in without us knowing about it..."

Of course there is more and there are a few guided meditations that I will try in time. For now I am just going to spend a few moments with my boys, being still and connecting.

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