Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Martian Child

We went to see Martian Child last night. We like going to the movies on a Monday night because there are usually only a few people there. And true to form there were a total of 9 people in this huge theater. We sat somewhere in the middle, 4 of us. There was one young couple and a single man that sat toward the back. Then these two older ladies came in and sat right next to us. No, I don't mean in the same aisle, they came up to the aisle and scooted down the aisle to sit right next to us. LOL. If the theater is empty I like NOT sitting next to people because I like to talk during a movie and when people are that close I try hard not to talk, so I don't bother their movie experience. Another reason we love going on a Monday night.

I could have moved but didn't, decided to try it out first. It actually went well. I talked a couple of times but nothing major, and nothing that made them move, LOL. Maybe we just looked like a cool family and they wanted some of that coolness to rub off onto them. LOL.

Anyway the movie was great. I just loved the thought of letting this child be exactly who he is, brought out into the main stream once in a while, instead of trying to change him, although that was part of the awakening process as well. When the boy was having trouble with kids picking on him in school and John Cusack was watching from his car across the street, I wanted to yell "take him home, he doesn't HAVE TO be there." But instead I just whispered it, one of the times I talked during the movie. Worth a trip to the theater.

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dharmamama said...

John Cusack is one of my years-long crushes - we're planning on seeing this when it comes to the dollar movies!

I was just wondering today what will happen when unschooling starts being the "celebrity thing" to do, like natural births have become. More movies about it, that's for sure! (Of course, one would be more for now, but I trust you know what I mean.)