Saturday, November 17, 2007


I have been doing a lot of knitting and quilting lately, Christmas presents mostly. But have noticed how soothing it is for me. Almost meditative, I can sit and relax in front of the fire and count stitches and knit and get lost in the vast nothingness. Not thinking about all the things I have yet to do, not thinking about the lists that sit by my computer, just knitting. No stray thoughts, no pondering any "deep" issues, just knitting. I was not able to complete the Commit to Sit challenge. It was just too much pressure. Too much time trying to think of NOTHING, only made it easier for stray thoughts to enter my mind. I know...I have read it before...if you just keep doing it and bringing yourself back to your will come. Well you know, it didn't come.

BUT I do find knitting and quilting to really take the place of walking (meditation) or any mantra. I find I can focus on just the ONE thing, and block all other thoughts from my mind. Creating my own cocoon of peace and stillness. So I think I have found my meditation, not walking meditation, not breathing meditation, but knitting meditation, and quilting meditation. Both leave me feeling so centered and energized, yet also relaxed and focused. Ready to give my all to whatever projects are before me.

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