Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I keep hoping to get my boys to try their costumes back on so I can get a picture, but so far the planets have not aligned, LOL. They want to ...but somehow time is escaping us. We were at a friends for a Halloween party this year and had a wonderful time. Kids were in and out of costumes and then back in costume again. Seems like every time I had my camera out the boys costumes were on the floor. LOL.

I wanted to blog about Candy. I know this is an old topic but I had a great example on Halloween. I have never limited my children where food is concerned and when they became able and interested they were always welcome to come grocery shopping with me and pick out foods. When not interested I have always asked them if they want or need anything from the store while I am there. We have chosen not to label foods good or bad, although they get plenty of that in the general public. So my boys have candy when they want it and people are amazed that we are able to function that way, and many assume that all my boys eat is candy, I mean because if you give them the choice wouldn't they choose to just eat candy all day every day!?!

In fact one day when we were helping an acquaintance with something my boys came with Jackson and I to play with their children. The boys wanted to bring some candy from the store, so they carefully picked out candy they thought the other children would like and brought it along. The other mom said that her kids couldn't have candy because it was too late in the day, so I suggested maybe we could leave some for the morning. That mom and another that was in the room, started asking me how we did it. I was a little confused at first. Then one mom explained "how do your boys do candy and not be affected by it? Is it because they have a low level of sugar in their system all the time?"

Yes that has to be it I mean they eat candy non stop all day every day, right, so that has to be why they aren't bouncing off the walls. DUH. I was so shocked that I had no idea what to say or how to respond. I probably said something equally stupid like "no, they don't eat candy all the time". Or something like that. Man I wish I was good with the witty come backs in times like this.

Because we have candy available to us all the time doesn't mean we eat it all the time. They eat very well, and my boys do not have that healthy food/junk food crap going on in their heads, so to them it is all food, and they are just as likely to want an apple or a piece of cheese. They are very in tune with their bodies and what their bodies need at any given time.

OK back to Halloween, I just thought it was funny that this year before we went to the Halloween party for more Halloween candy they had to dump out their Halloween plastic pumpkins of last years candy that had been sitting there all year. Kind of funny watching them pick through last years candy and throw a bunch out to make room for this years candy.

I know as a child my candy was gone within a week, I was so controlled/limited. One reason why Jackson and I had chosen, long before Dallen was born, NOT to do the same to our children.


Madeline said...

My one cramp, in my unschooling journey, has been the food thing. I restricted their sugar, until this year. This Halloween, having lifted all restrictions, they of course ate ever single candy, taking the last few weeks to do it. And I learned that the world would not end due to sugar intake. : )

Pam Genant said...

I will say a key for us has always been helping the boys to "hear" thier body cues. Our bodies tell us so much about what to eat if we just listen and my boys are so much better than I am at listening to their bodies.