Monday, November 19, 2007

The Fire

OH my youngest, Phillip, is having such a wonderful time with our fire place. He loves fire, well my oldest does as well, but Phillip loves everything about a fire. He loves making it, and is very good at that, he loves keeping it going and putting it out. Yesterday I started a fire in the morning before they were awake. When Phil woke up I asked him if he wanted to add some more wood on the fire. His eyes lit up in that special way, when you know you hit on the most fabulous idea in the world in that moment. He stirred up the coals, and got them just right then added some more wood on top and was so engrossed in the activity. Just amazing to watch. He tended the fire all day long. At night when we were in bed he looked at me and said "mom will you wake me up when you go to start the fire so I can do it". Well we have plans to go to a Science Center today so I told him we wouldn't be starting the fire until we came home, he was so excited and now can't wait to get home and start that fire.

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