Sunday, November 25, 2007


Well it's official, we have started our Christmas Season, and we love Christmas here. We do not celebrate Thanksgiving so we do not have all the rush getting ready for Thanksgiving and swinging into Christmas. That is nice. Jackson usually has Thanksgiving off so we use that extra time to dedicate toward finding a great tree from our own property. We go out and spend 0$ on a Christmas tree, we search all the trees on our property looking for this years Christmas tree, and decorate that tree the weekend just after Thanksgiving. No bells and whistles, a tree topper angel that belonged to my mom, sentimental value for sure, tiny colored lights and ornaments we have collected over the years. Some ornaments are hand made, some are memories of places we have traveled or special events in our lives. We love taking the time each year to talk about where we got them, what memories they invoke etc. Just a nice special time. The tree skirt is actually two, one that is white and hand made by my mom years ago, the one underneath that is one we bought in Germany that is just so beautiful, green and red or course.

Time to start watching Christmas type movies with a crackling fire, silk nog and hot chocolate, chips and dip. I love digging out my mom's special recipes and making cookies and breads with the boys. Making hand made Christmas gifts for those that are special in our lives, remembering family that are not hear to celebrate with us. Just a time to give special thanks for all the blessings in my life, thank my boys for choosing me as their mom, etc. Can you tell we LOVE Christmas.

We do celebrate Solstice as well, I will blog about those traditions later in another post. This weekend was dedicated to our Christmas tree so I have a few pictures.
This next picture is one Phillip took, from underneath the tree looking up.

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Deanne said...

How awesome that you get to pick out a tree from your own property! We got our tree yesterday. Looking through all the special ornaments we've collected over the years is one of our favorite things too. ;)