Monday, November 12, 2007


My son Phillip, never tires of building things, especially tents and other accommodations, out of pillows and blankets, in the living room. All the toys in the world could not replace this fabulous activity. He is just so creative. He had been playing with all the cushions in the house for hours, changing his design, testing it out, it had to be sturdy, have a place to enter, with a door to close, and be able to see the TV. He let me take a picture during the process, it changed so many times I can't remember which one this building was, but it sure was fantastic, with a window as well. Very cool.

I know as a child I loved building tents in the living room as well, although my mother wouldn't let me or my brother touch the cushions on the couch, so we used blankets only and would stretch them out between the couch and chair etc, using heave books to keep them weighted down, LOL. Such fun.

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