Friday, November 23, 2007

Bonding with Dad

Jackson spent some time yesterday installing a ceiling ladder in our hallway to get ready to have someone come install a new heating/cooling system. Anyway that is beside the point of this post LOL. While he was working I suggested that it looked like something Phillip, our youngest (10 years old), would be interested in. So Jackson took the hint and asked Phil is he would like to help. And Phil jumped at the chance, he loved it. Loved working with tools, loved being with his dad. And every time Phillip took a little break he would find me and come tell me everything they were doing, had done, and had left to complete.

He thought it was the most fabulous thing in the whole world. I knew he would like it, he likes to see how things work, take things apart, put them back together etc.

I talked with Jackson afterward about just how much Phil did enjoy the day with his dad and Jackson was happy as well. I think he will consider asking the boys to help out in the future and I won't have to make that suggestion. I just think it is something Phil will hold dear in his heart for a long time to come.

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