Friday, November 2, 2007

Airline saga

OK it has been a couple of days so I think I can type this post without crying. It was just so hard for me, and so frustrating.

On the last leg of our flight. They couldn't give us boarding passes ahead of time because we had to change carriers in San Fransisco. So we had no seat assignment. We got to the San Fransisco airport and had to go through check in again and get boarding passes. They had only two seats together and two that were one in front of the other. The man at the counter searched and searched for two more seats together or I said we could also do 3 together and 1 separate. After a while I said just give me those and I am sure we can get someone to switch, I mean who wouldn't switch with a child so a child can sit next to their parent.

Well, Phil sat with me, and Jackson sat in front of Dallen. I asked the lady next to me if she would switch with my son so that my kids could sit with me. She said "I wish someone would switch with me so I could sit next to my husband" in this very sarcastic, snotty tone of voice. And she would not move. I was stunned, and being not so good with witty remarks I just sat down not knowing what to say, and said nothing. Dallen started crying (you know at this point we had been without sleep for about 24 hours, hadn't eaten a decent meal since we left Hawaii and just wanted to go home). I told Dallen not to worry we would find someone to switch. Then Phil started crying cause he was sad for Dallen, then I started crying seeing both of my kids crying. So Jackson asked the guy sitting on the aisle next to Dallen to switch with him so he could sit next to his son. The guy said only if there is another aisle seat open. I explained "they said the flight was full so I don't think there will be another aisle seat open" so he wouldn't move. Dallen is standing up holding Jackson's shoulders at this point and saying "dad I don't want to sit alone, and crying". I tried reassuring him that he "would NOT" have to sit alone. In my head I am thinking I will go up and down this stupid cabin until I find two people sitting next to each other that won't mind moving so my son can sit with one of his parents, surely there will be someone.

The woman on one side of Jackson has a small baby, so he didn't dare ask her to move from her aisle seat to a middle seat. The guy on the other side of Dallen was fast asleep. So Jackson asked the woman on the other side of him to switch with Dallen and she didn't want to but after Jackson begged her she finally agreed to switch and Dallen was able to move and sit next to Jackson. That woman was thanked, but she will never know just how thankful I am to her. I know she didn't want to move, but she finally agreed. THANK YOU!

I was so outraged and totally shocked. It never even occurred to me that no one would want to move for a crying child so they could sit next to a parent. I mean in my head I am thinking, I would move in a heart beat, not even have to think about it. I could not believe that NO ONE would move for a child, that was obviously upset, crying and saying "dad I don't want to sit alone". I mean come on what has happened to people. I thought for sure the first person I asked would say yes, I mean who says no to that request, who says no to a child like that. I just upset me so much and being so tired, I cried for like 20 minutes, just couldn't stop.

So we are all taking a little break from flying. This has never happened to us before. I think on one other flight some years ago we had to make a change and people were more than willing to help us out. I don't know what has happened, but it means that we won't be flying for a while. LOL. We are currently planning a trip to see friends in BC, Canada and WILL be driving. Yes driving.


Deanne said...

Oh Pam, that sounds so terrible! And shocking too! I too don't understand how someone could refuse to change seats for an upset child. I have had people refuse to change with me, but fortunately my 3 kids were all together, it was just me alone. I wanted to be on the aisle to be able to talk to them, and pass stuff, etc. My response to the unaccomodating women was, "Okay, but I just want to warn you that we'll be talking over you and passing stuff back and forth." They didn't care. They weren't going to budge. :O >:P

Rinnyboo said...

What is wrong with people? I can't believe they wouldn't switch seats! As long as I didn't have to move away from my son (he's 3) I would switch seats for a child in a heartbeat. That is just so crazy to me....

Joanne said...

Wow...I'm sorry you and your family had to experience that. (((Hugs)))

Wendy said...

Oh, my gosh! What a story! How can people be so selfish and self-centered. It breaks my heart. I would have moved. In fact, you wouldn't have had to ask me. I would have offered.

And as for the snotty woman who wanted to sit next to her husband ... she probably never asked anyone, but assumed they would just say no.

Of course, given what happened to you, I suppose she was justified in thinking that.

I hope your next trip is better ;).