Monday, October 15, 2007

The Quarter in my Washer

OK I was doing laundry this morning and looked again at the quarter in the bottom of my washing machine. It has been there for months. I don't know whose pocket it fell out of, but it is there. Every time I do laundry I look at this quarter and think for a second about removing it. But decide not to. I kind of like seeing that quarter in my washing machine, every week, there to greet me. I don't know why I like it. Maybe it is just because no matter what else happens in my life I know I have a quarter, and I know exactly where it is. Maybe it is just that I don't like seeing an empty washing machine, and the quarter fills that for me. So my machine is never empty. None of my family know about the quarter. It has never seemed important enough to mention, and usually I forget about it when the laundry is done, probably will again today. But I know that after we return from vacation and I work at washing all the clothes we bring home with us, that quarter will be waiting to welcome me home yet again. And I will say to myself, once more, "oh yeah there is that quarter...should I take it out this week....nah...let it stay there in the bottom of my washing machine."

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