Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More Felting

OK after felting the ATCs a week or so ago, I had an idea to try to make this process more doable on a large scale, meaning with many people. My thought was to do this as an activity for a group. But using a sink would not be easy when you have more than 3 or 4 people and needle felting will mean buying lots of needles. So I came up with this, combining different web site ideas and my own need for ease.

First start out layering 3-4 thin layers of wool, one on top of another. If you can see in the pictures I used two different colors to try to show you that I layered them with the fibers going in opposite directions. KWIM. So I lay out one thin layer then turn the square once then lay out another layer, then turn the square once etc. In this picture I have the bottom layer in orange, vertical in the picture. Then I have a second layer of orange, horizontal, then a layer of blue, vertical.

After I have a few layers of background laid out I place what I want on top for "decoration". I used different colors and tend to not have a specific picture in mind. Although when a friend, Marissa, made one she had a specific picture in mind she wanted and it worked out well. (of course this is all prewashed, precarded and pre dyed wool) I tend to use some of my scraps for this.
The next step is to gently get this loose wool into a baggie without "messing up" my design.
OK the wool is in the plastic baggie, so next I move to the kitchen and, using a cup, I put about 3 cups of hot water plus a squirt of hand soap into the baggie as well.

Squeeze out as much air as you can and seal it up tight and just start massaging. This usually takes 5-10 minutes, and it doesn't look like it is doing anything. But just open the baggie after a few minutes and try pulling on the wool and you will see it is felted together, if not keep massaging.

When it is all done I just dump it out into my hand, wring out the water and lay it on a towel to dry. Simple, quick and anyone can do it. I bought my wool from Outback Fibers but there are probably lots of companies that sell wool you can use.

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