Friday, October 26, 2007


I had two things I wanted to blog about tonight. Sorry, not pictures for either. I only have time right now for one so I am picking the happiest of the two. I will blog about the other thought, another time.

Tonight we drove up to the Northern part of the Big Island for supper. Delicious and a very cool drive along the coast. On the return trip we decided to take the mountain road. It was dark but still very cool as we could see the coast to the west of us, down the mountain. Not really the coast but we could see all the lights along the coast. It was drizzling rain out and the moon was to the east of us. Just so full (almost) and beautiful. The moon was spectacular tonight, with the little bit of cloud cover the moon had a rainbow colored halo surrounding it. So wonderful to see, and mesmerizing. I watched the moon for a bit as Jackson drove and the boys watched Shark Tales in the back seat. Then to the west I saw a rainbow. YES, a rainbow at night. I have never seen one before. It was so awesome. I mean truly awesome, not awesome like I remember using the term awesome as a teen (then everything was awesome). The moon was just that bright, so bright that with the little bit of misty rain outside it was bright enough to make a rainbow appear. Something I thought could only be done in the presence of the sun.

No pictures, it was just too dark and drizzly out to get any. So you will have to picture it in your mind. Picture the most amazing rainbow you have ever seen, not put it in the dark, with a bright moon. That's it, that's the picture. Now treasure it always, as will I.

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