Monday, October 15, 2007

Commit to Sit

OK this is week 2 of the Commit to Sit challenge for me. Well week one was like a week and a half because I wanted to get back on a schedule of sorts so I know to move on to the next meditation on a Monday. Easier for me that way as Jackson, dh, has the weekends off and Monday is a "start to the week" for me in so many ways. I will say I missed a couple of days on the breathing. It is just harder for me to "think about nothing" but my breath. Easier if I have a mantra to work over in my brain, LOL.

So this week it is walking meditation. Well actually I am supposed to, by the web site anyway, continue with the breathing twice a day and add in a walking meditation once a day. I think I will focus on getting the walking meditation in and see if I can work in a breathing meditation or two along the way. For me I want to try out all the different techniques to see if one resonates with my soul more than another. So I will walk, up and down the hall, out to the barn and back, around the track and the park, somewhere, anywhere, I will walk.

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