Saturday, October 6, 2007

Commit to Sit

Well the daily meditation has been going much smoother without thinking about trying to fit in two sittings into my day and making sure one is in the morning and one in the evening. It also has helped that I am doing daily yoga again.

I used to do yoga daily but that was when the children were really young and we were not on the go so much. Lately it has been no more than twice a week, sometimes only once a week. Earlier this week I woke up with horrible lower back pain. Sure I have had the usually lower back ache once in a while and a back spasm or two. But this was such intense pain that it hurt to move. I have not injured it, wasn't lifting heavy boxes or doing anything out of the ordinary, just woke up one morning and couldn't get out of bed.

So on the suggestion of my husband I have been doing a daily yoga session. I use this great DVD I purchased months ago with Patricia Walden. So in doing this it has really been stretching my back out, and even though I am still in a bit of pain, it is not nearly as intense and I can actually get around and am back to almost my daily routing.

OK that brings it around to the daily meditation. I have found it so easy, after stretching and relaxing my body, to just stay where I am and meditate. Relaxing the body flows so nicely into relaxing the mind and I am finding that the stray thoughts that were plaguing my meditation seem to stay at bay while I am totally relaxed. I can then focus on my breath, which is the "theme" of this week. So I meditate right after my yoga for about 15 minutes or so. Am really enjoying this time.

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