Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Commit to Sit

OK the Commit to sit isn't going well at all. We went away for the weekend and I managed to meditate a couple of times but the boys needed me to be with them, I wanted to enjoy the weekend with friends I see only a couple times a year, and just didn't have time for it. I guess to me that means that meditation is not a daily priority for me. Will have to think on it some more.

I don't feel like my life is missing something. I meditate on and off. We have a family circle which includes meditation twice a month, and I live in joy every day. Maybe that is enough. Maybe I need to modify the 28 day commit to sit a bit. Not sure. I know the concept is to see how life changing, daily meditation can be. So I am thinking I will start over today. Isn't that the great part, each day you can choose something different, start again. But I am thinking that working on one meditation a day may be all I can handle right now.

So today I begin again, doing one-20 minute meditation a day, when it best fits in with my day, no set time.

Will see how that goes.


Anonymous said...

Have you read "Wherever You Go, There You Are", by Jon Kabat-Zinn? He makes the point in there that even taking a moment to - be in the moment, lol - is valuable. I guess the point of commit to sit is creating that time to sit every day - and it *does* make a difference! - but dang. Sit for ten, or five. Or does it have to be *perfect*? lol

Madeline said...

I sooo relate to this. I am in a community of people who are encouraged to sit every day, on our own. I have a beautiful spot that I set up for it and never use. I feel great when i do it, but... I re-commit as well. ; )