Saturday, October 20, 2007

Arrival in Hawaii

Well, after about 12 hours of plane travel, 5 hours of layover and a 30 minute drive to the resort we have finally arrived in Hawaii. Actually we got in last night but we were all too exhausted to think, let alone blog. So I took a couple of quick pictures before we went to bed. The flight all in all went well. There was a rude fight attendant, but in the whole exchange (well not really an exchange as just she was talking) Phillip was oblivious to it all. And as he had no idea she was even talking, I didn't intervene, LOL. Too tired. But this is what happened in a brief nut shell:

It was an older female flight attendant. She asked Phil what he wanted to drink, he asked what juices they had, she told him and he said OK Orange Juice. She got a glass of it for him then said "are you going to say please" in this sick high pitched voice. He didn't even hear her but I did. He was looking at the movie that was playing. She said again "no please" I was not going to interrupt what Phil was doing so he could say "please" to her. And my feeling is that if it was not a sincere "please" what good would it have been anyway. But that is another soap box. What I wanted to say was "Oh wow, I didn't see you make any of the other passengers say please". But I didn't, I was just too tired at this point (we had been up since 4 am that morning flying on different planes for about 10 hours) and figured she would give up. Then she looked at me and said "is she going to say please" and I just shrugged. I didn't feel Phil needed to be privy to this conversation and that she would give up eventually. So then she said "OK I will just give this juice to her mommy". Come on are we 2 years old. Phil was still looking at the screen and had no idea she was even talking, I mean she was standing over him so he would have to actually look straight up to see her. So anyway I took the juice and gave it to Phil. He looked at me and smiled with his head phones on, LOL. I smiled back. She then looked at me and said "what does mommy want". I felt like saying "an adult flight attendant". I just said "water", no please or thank you, and no demand that I do so from her. LOL.

But the resort is fabulous, we are having a great time for our first day, so relaxing. And here are a couple of pictures of our tired boys. (well I see that blogger photo uploading is down at the moment so I will get the photos up as soon as I can)

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Kristin said...

I hope you guys have a fabulous time! We stayed at Mauna Lani many years ago and it was very nice. I love the hammocks on the beach.