Sunday, October 28, 2007


Yesterday we decided to share Hannah with the Big Island of Hawaii. It was the full moon, and we were going to be on the windward side of the island again, it just seemed like the right time and the right place. So, with our little bit of Hannah with us, we headed off for another day in Hawaii.

We spread Hannah's ashes first at the Rainbow Falls, just outside of Hilo. Beautiful spot. It is so amazing that an island with such a desert like environment on one side can have such a lush rain forest on the other side. So green, so thick with beautiful growth, that just opens up to the most awe inspiring waterfalls and views. We took the little walk to the top of the headwaters and shared some of Hannah here, so that she would be able to rush with the water, in this beautiful setting.

Our next stop was at sunset. Just before the full moon rose up to blanket the area in it's glory. We decided that Kilauea Volcano would be another perfect spot for Hannah. It amazes me each time I see the volcano, that something so devastating can be so beautiful. And how it creates land, capable of sustaining such lush rain forests. Just like the phoenix rising from the ashes. So we navigated through the sulfur clouds at dusk and placed a lei as an offering, made from Maile leaves and Puakenikeni flowers, to Pele, to guide Hannah through this tough terrain that she may also rise. The flowers were beautiful and so fragrant, and a traditional lei for the occasion. I have a picture of the sunset over the Volcanoes National Park.

A picture of the shrine to Pele that has been created, and you can see the Lei we laid in honor of Hannah in the front. A picture of me spreading her ashes. A picture of the outside of the shrine. It was made from a caved in portion of a lava tube, out on the rim of Kilauea Volcano. This is the closest you can get to the actual volcano. The next picture shows how close this shrine is to the volcano itself. And a last picture of lava that flows a few miles away from Kilauea volcano. Hannah enjoy the journey, I know it will be spectacular.

Friday, October 26, 2007


I had two things I wanted to blog about tonight. Sorry, not pictures for either. I only have time right now for one so I am picking the happiest of the two. I will blog about the other thought, another time.

Tonight we drove up to the Northern part of the Big Island for supper. Delicious and a very cool drive along the coast. On the return trip we decided to take the mountain road. It was dark but still very cool as we could see the coast to the west of us, down the mountain. Not really the coast but we could see all the lights along the coast. It was drizzling rain out and the moon was to the east of us. Just so full (almost) and beautiful. The moon was spectacular tonight, with the little bit of cloud cover the moon had a rainbow colored halo surrounding it. So wonderful to see, and mesmerizing. I watched the moon for a bit as Jackson drove and the boys watched Shark Tales in the back seat. Then to the west I saw a rainbow. YES, a rainbow at night. I have never seen one before. It was so awesome. I mean truly awesome, not awesome like I remember using the term awesome as a teen (then everything was awesome). The moon was just that bright, so bright that with the little bit of misty rain outside it was bright enough to make a rainbow appear. Something I thought could only be done in the presence of the sun.

No pictures, it was just too dark and drizzly out to get any. So you will have to picture it in your mind. Picture the most amazing rainbow you have ever seen, not put it in the dark, with a bright moon. That's it, that's the picture. Now treasure it always, as will I.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


We have been having so much fun spending time reconnecting as a family. I think sometimes we get caught up in our daily life that we forget that one member of our family doesn't spend as much time within the family unit as the rest of us, Jackson. The boys and I spend almost all of our time together or within close proximity of each other. Close enough that we can just pop in and out all day just to say "hi" or "I love you". It is nice to have Jackson around all the time when we go on vacation. To see the small things every day that I experience with the boys. To be able to reconnect on a deeper level with his family. We ended another wonderful day with a glorious sunset. So beautiful, peaceful, settling and grounding. Had to share a couple of the photos.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Consensual Living

We visited Volcanoes National Park yesterday. I know you are asking what that has to do with Consensual Living but believe me it does. I am always asked about finding agreeable solutions when two people want different things (or more people). It seems in theory that two people with different, opposing, wants will not find a solution where they will both be happy. I say that you have to remember that it is OK to change your mind when more information is available, and in a family where everyone's thoughts, feelings, ideas etc, are considered with care, and everyone is working toward an agreeable solution that they know is out there; family members are not hanging onto their wants so strongly. They are more willing to listen to other's wants and needs and consider them as well, and are more easily able to change their own desires in those situations etc.

I know it is hard to think in hypothetical and get my meaning across so I thought I would use an actual event that happened yesterday that was so touching to me and really demonstrates how changing your mind is not the same as "giving in" or "giving up". My boys amaze me each and every day and really reafirm why I believe so much in Consensual Living.

We were walking around the lava flows all day and there is one place where you can see active lava. But you have to go there at night, it is about a mile hike, and you take a chance that it will be a clear night and you will see the glow of the lava. We all wanted to see the lava, I mean how cool is that and we may not have this opportunity again. So we waited until just before dark, you know it is just dark enough so you can't really see the trail clearly, and will give a good view if you can see the lava. We had a flashlight, long sleeved shirts, water, and we started out. It had just started drizzling rain out, not heavy at all. We walked and we walked. It did get dark but we were prepared for that. The trail is marked with reflectors so you can know you are heading in the right direction. I should say it isn't really an easily followed trail because it is across the lava so not a "worn" path like in the woods.

We were having fun, seeing people coming out. Although they all said you couldn't see anything because of the fog. We decided to keep going to see for ourselves. I mean come on, maybe our eye sight is just better (LOL). Well as we kept going Phil started to say things like "I am getting cold can we turn around" etc. No he didn't want a jacket or to be carried etc. I thought to myself, I know Phil is a worrier, he wants to know where anyone is going, when they plan to be back, take a cell phone, etc. That is his nature and we love this about him. So I don't think it has anything to do with the cold. [OK this is where finding out the real wants and needs comes in]. I know what he is saying but don't think that is what he is THINKING. So I just suggest that it is OK if it really isn't about the cold, it is OK if you just want to go back to the car, or something to that effect.

Well that provided just the opportunity he needed, "I'm scared, it's dark, I didn't think it would be this far, we don't know where the end is" and all these feelings just came up. And he wanted to go back to the car.....and he was getting more anxious by the minute.

I know Dallen was wanting to go try to see the lava, Dallen had been saying this all day. So I am thinking in my head that it might take some thinking to come up with a solution everyone will be happy with.

Well Dallen just blurts out, "let's go back to the car. It is more important that Phil NOT be freaked out by this than it is to get to the end".

I was surprised but not totally. Of course his need would be for Phil to be safe and FEEL safe, more than he would need to try to see the lava. He loves his brother, and also he knows that if he really wants to see the lava we will make it happen in a way that works for everyone. All the walk back to the car you could feel Phil's anxiety lifting, his spirits brighten. Dallen would say "that hike was great". "I loved the feel of the mist on my face." "What a great day". Just such loving statements with not even a thought of "if it weren't for you we would have made it to the end". Dallen knew he could make a real statement about his needs. He knew that we would not just make him leave and go back to the car if that isn't what he really wanted. So it was easier for him to change his desire with the new information.

When we got back to the car I suggested that if Dallen and Jackson, dh, wanted to hike back out there, Phil and I could wait in the car for them. Phil would be happy with that and we could watch a movie. "No". Dallen wanted to be with Phil, and they talked and talked and watched movies in such a loving way all the drive back to the resort. Just laughing and joking and talking about games they wanted to create etc.

When we got back to the resort we talked a little about maybe taking a helicopter ride to see the lava flow. A possibility, but neither of the boys seemed overly thrilled with that, LOL. Now I just need to let it go. Now it is me wanting to see that Dallen's need to see the lava is met. When in FACT, he no longer has that need. His need changed the minute he saw that Phillip was in some distress.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hammocks on the Beach

Yes, just like in the movies there are Hammocks on the beach. LOL. we have a Hammock at home and love it, but there is something magical about swinging in a Hammock on the Beach with my son Phillip, at night looking up at the moon and stars, listening to the wind rustling through the palms and the waves crashing against the shore.

We both wanted pictures of the moment, so we took them ourselves.


I have to share just one more picture tonight. I LOVED this petroglyph. We walked a couple miles up the beach to this park where the petroglyphs are, well worth the walk. It is amazing how in every culture the female figure is held in high regard. Wish I could take it home with me and put it in my living room.

Clicking of the Rocks

I thought this was so cool. We walked to the edge of the beach today, well the beach is everywhere, but away from the front of the resort, to this point, it was fabulous. And also quiet, away from people. We loved it out there, the boys played for hours. I just sat there listing to the rocks. I have always loved the sound of the waves but this was just too cool. As the waves rolled in they would push the lava rocks up onto the shore a bit and as the water washed back out it would take the lava rocks with it. The rocks would tumble and make this sound. Just so peaceful added to the sound of the wave. I could sit there all day listening to the rocks talking. Just meditating on the sound and resting/relaxing.

OK the blogger image uploader is working now. Here are a couple of pictures of two exhausted boys right after we checked into the resort.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Arrival in Hawaii

Well, after about 12 hours of plane travel, 5 hours of layover and a 30 minute drive to the resort we have finally arrived in Hawaii. Actually we got in last night but we were all too exhausted to think, let alone blog. So I took a couple of quick pictures before we went to bed. The flight all in all went well. There was a rude fight attendant, but in the whole exchange (well not really an exchange as just she was talking) Phillip was oblivious to it all. And as he had no idea she was even talking, I didn't intervene, LOL. Too tired. But this is what happened in a brief nut shell:

It was an older female flight attendant. She asked Phil what he wanted to drink, he asked what juices they had, she told him and he said OK Orange Juice. She got a glass of it for him then said "are you going to say please" in this sick high pitched voice. He didn't even hear her but I did. He was looking at the movie that was playing. She said again "no please" I was not going to interrupt what Phil was doing so he could say "please" to her. And my feeling is that if it was not a sincere "please" what good would it have been anyway. But that is another soap box. What I wanted to say was "Oh wow, I didn't see you make any of the other passengers say please". But I didn't, I was just too tired at this point (we had been up since 4 am that morning flying on different planes for about 10 hours) and figured she would give up. Then she looked at me and said "is she going to say please" and I just shrugged. I didn't feel Phil needed to be privy to this conversation and that she would give up eventually. So then she said "OK I will just give this juice to her mommy". Come on are we 2 years old. Phil was still looking at the screen and had no idea she was even talking, I mean she was standing over him so he would have to actually look straight up to see her. So anyway I took the juice and gave it to Phil. He looked at me and smiled with his head phones on, LOL. I smiled back. She then looked at me and said "what does mommy want". I felt like saying "an adult flight attendant". I just said "water", no please or thank you, and no demand that I do so from her. LOL.

But the resort is fabulous, we are having a great time for our first day, so relaxing. And here are a couple of pictures of our tired boys. (well I see that blogger photo uploading is down at the moment so I will get the photos up as soon as I can)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sustainable Living Roadshow

More Felting

OK after felting the ATCs a week or so ago, I had an idea to try to make this process more doable on a large scale, meaning with many people. My thought was to do this as an activity for a group. But using a sink would not be easy when you have more than 3 or 4 people and needle felting will mean buying lots of needles. So I came up with this, combining different web site ideas and my own need for ease.

First start out layering 3-4 thin layers of wool, one on top of another. If you can see in the pictures I used two different colors to try to show you that I layered them with the fibers going in opposite directions. KWIM. So I lay out one thin layer then turn the square once then lay out another layer, then turn the square once etc. In this picture I have the bottom layer in orange, vertical in the picture. Then I have a second layer of orange, horizontal, then a layer of blue, vertical.

After I have a few layers of background laid out I place what I want on top for "decoration". I used different colors and tend to not have a specific picture in mind. Although when a friend, Marissa, made one she had a specific picture in mind she wanted and it worked out well. (of course this is all prewashed, precarded and pre dyed wool) I tend to use some of my scraps for this.
The next step is to gently get this loose wool into a baggie without "messing up" my design.
OK the wool is in the plastic baggie, so next I move to the kitchen and, using a cup, I put about 3 cups of hot water plus a squirt of hand soap into the baggie as well.

Squeeze out as much air as you can and seal it up tight and just start massaging. This usually takes 5-10 minutes, and it doesn't look like it is doing anything. But just open the baggie after a few minutes and try pulling on the wool and you will see it is felted together, if not keep massaging.

When it is all done I just dump it out into my hand, wring out the water and lay it on a towel to dry. Simple, quick and anyone can do it. I bought my wool from Outback Fibers but there are probably lots of companies that sell wool you can use.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


This was an e mail I wrote on a yahoo list in response to a mom's question. Well you can see part of her question at the beginning of the post. Her kids are newly out of school and not doing what she expected them to be doing. I thought I would post it here so I can look it up in the future as well. Seems like I get asked this question a lot.
>>>>What does unschooling look like for you who have kidos older than 10? What about if they really don't want to read or write?<<<<<<<<<

I think the key to understanding unschooling is to understand that learning math and history and science and reading and writing looks so different for every individual and with unschooling it will look nothing like what you remember in school. In life we don't break things down into math and history and science and reading etc. It is all mixed up in there and even when they don't look, to the outside world, like they are doing anything...they are learning and doing exactly what they need to be doing and learning. Most kids, and remember I am speaking as a mom who has children who have never been to school or anything that resembles school so take it for what it is worth, have that "whatever...give up" attitude when they are used to other people telling them what to do. They have not rediscovered the joy in doing what they"want" to do yet.
If what interests you is to build a Lego fort my suggestion would be to start doing it. Try to figure out what YOUR passions are, let the children rest. Do what you want to do, the things you have put on the back burner to be a full time mom. The best example we can set for our children, I believe, is to be excited, involved, in the things that we are interested in and passionate about. What a terrific role model of what I want for my kids.
OK just looking at the reading issue. I have two sons one is 13 and one is 10. Very different in how they learned to read (at least to me). My oldest wanted to read from a very young age. It started with a gamer book he picked up at a relatives house when we were on vacation in South Dakota and he was like 3. He was so engrossed in that book and HAD to know every word of it. It went on for months, he would ask me over and over to read sections to him, or he would ask anyone who was near at the time. He started asking what 'this' word was and 'that' word, and how to spell whatever. He would write words down on paper, and ask me how to pronounce things etc until he had it all set in his head, and he was reading by like the age of 4. He reads for hours every day. Same books, gaming books, video games, computer games, dungeons and dragons, star wars miniatures etc. Reads during the day and at night before he falls asleep. Of course we have always read as a family, different books, out loud together.

OK now my youngest who is 10 now. He didn't seem to have that same drive. He would ask me to read video game stuff for him, and computer stuff. Or ask his brother if I wasn't in the room. He would occasionally want to write something down and would ask me how to spell it. He would occasionally ask me to write something down so he could type it into a Google search. But not nearly as much. He seemed OK right where he was. And then all of a sudden, this year, he just started reading, I mean reading difficult words, without asking me to help AT ALL. It seems like it just was something that happened overnight but I am sure he was processing things in his head all the while. It was just an internal thing for him. Had I interfered with the process I probably would have "messed" it up for him. But I didn't, I knew that he would read in his own time, and would ask for help if he needed it. He didn't ask so I didn't push. He still isn't the avid reader my oldest is. He reads video games and computer games, but doesn't really pick up a book to read for pleasure yet, strictly "need to know". He may in time, or he may not. I know I love to read, Jackson, dh, not so much.

My boys do love video games and computer games a lot. And spend a good deal of their time on that. But we also do go hiking, and build Lego forts. Sometimes if I get a wild hair to do something like build a Lego fort my youngest will quickly come join me, he loves Legos. We also cook together, camp together, vacation together etc. Do you know how much history is in those computer/video games. The boys love games like Age of Mythology etc, and that has lead to so many interesting tangents. I am there to bounce ideas off of. Ask questions, help them look things up. Watch TV with etc.
Just remember it doesn't have to "look" like learning to "be" learning. You are still thinking about school like "you" know it. I know...I did that too before I had children and really thought about how damaging school is. We were raised in a society that put a high value on "school". It will take time and effort for you to get past that as well. Read, read, read, read. There are so many good books out there on the damages of school, and about unschooling.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Commit to Sit

OK this is week 2 of the Commit to Sit challenge for me. Well week one was like a week and a half because I wanted to get back on a schedule of sorts so I know to move on to the next meditation on a Monday. Easier for me that way as Jackson, dh, has the weekends off and Monday is a "start to the week" for me in so many ways. I will say I missed a couple of days on the breathing. It is just harder for me to "think about nothing" but my breath. Easier if I have a mantra to work over in my brain, LOL.

So this week it is walking meditation. Well actually I am supposed to, by the web site anyway, continue with the breathing twice a day and add in a walking meditation once a day. I think I will focus on getting the walking meditation in and see if I can work in a breathing meditation or two along the way. For me I want to try out all the different techniques to see if one resonates with my soul more than another. So I will walk, up and down the hall, out to the barn and back, around the track and the park, somewhere, anywhere, I will walk.

The Quarter in my Washer

OK I was doing laundry this morning and looked again at the quarter in the bottom of my washing machine. It has been there for months. I don't know whose pocket it fell out of, but it is there. Every time I do laundry I look at this quarter and think for a second about removing it. But decide not to. I kind of like seeing that quarter in my washing machine, every week, there to greet me. I don't know why I like it. Maybe it is just because no matter what else happens in my life I know I have a quarter, and I know exactly where it is. Maybe it is just that I don't like seeing an empty washing machine, and the quarter fills that for me. So my machine is never empty. None of my family know about the quarter. It has never seemed important enough to mention, and usually I forget about it when the laundry is done, probably will again today. But I know that after we return from vacation and I work at washing all the clothes we bring home with us, that quarter will be waiting to welcome me home yet again. And I will say to myself, once more, "oh yeah there is that quarter...should I take it out this week....nah...let it stay there in the bottom of my washing machine."

Thursday, October 11, 2007


OK I haven't posted in a few days, just been so busy getting ready to go to Hawaii. We are all so excited, and thinking about last minute things like sun screen, and nose plugs for Phillip. But I have been working on a little piece about enabling. It just came to me when yet another person said I was enabling my children, like it was something so horrible. Anyway after thinking about it I decided to get my thoughts down on paper and here it is, in rough draft form:

I AM an Enabler

Pamela Genant

OK I heard it again a week or so ago, “you are enabling your kids”. But let me back up just a bit. It has happened in the past and has always been associated with me doing something for my children. For example, if I know we are going someplace that might be chilly, I will ask the boys if they want a coat. If they say no, and we have the room, I will go ahead and grab coats anyway, “just in case.” I will do it with snacks if I think we might get hungry or extra cloths if I think we might get wet etc. And a few times I have heard other parents comment that they believe I am enabling my children. Actually I am being nice; they usually DO NOT say they “believe” I am enabling my children, that is the nice thing I would like to hear. Usually they say “you ARE enabling your children.”

On a yahoo e mail list once I asked for explanation. Something I don’t usually do in person because we are usually doing something cool, and I don’t want to interrupt the moment to become involved in some philosophical discussion about parenting. But on a list I will. There were a few parents to enter the discussion but the feeling I got from those few parents is that they feel that if I do things “for my children” then my children will never do things for themselves. Hmmmm. Something to ponder.

It came up again the other day so I really started thinking about my personal philosophy on the subject of enabling. First of all I wanted a definition so I wouldn’t be making assumptions. So here we go:

Encarta online dictionary says:

en·a·ble [ in áyb'l, en áyb'l ] (past and past participle en·a·bled, present participle en·a·bling, 3rd person present singular en·a·bles)

transitive verb

provide somebody with means: to provide somebody with the resources, authority, or opportunity to do something
make something possible: to make something possible or feasible

OK so my thinking is that the parent’s who were commenting that I am enabling my children, like it was some sort of bad thing, that would lead to them being incapable of caring for themselves as they grow, didn’t know the real definition of the word enable. But they were correct I do enable my children, and I am so proud of that fact.

I provide them with resources, authority, and opportunity to do things. I let my boys have the authority over their own lives so that is out of my hands anyway. But YES, and I will yell it loudly, Y-E-S, I provide them with resources and opportunity to do “something”, lots of things. They are free children, free to follow their interests and passions, why would I NOT support that to the best of my ability. I also encourage them to be part of that process as well, so they help brainstorm about resources and opportunities. We work together as a team. They also enable ME! What an idea, how cool is that. They love to see me do “something”. If it is something I am interested in, they are right there to help me brainstorm about resources and opportunities for me to follow those interests and see where it takes me. Again, a TEAM, working together so that we are all joyfully participating in things that add spark to our lives, together or individually. We “enable” each other. What an empowering system we have created in our family.

Definition #2, to make something possible. I think that goes right along with definition #1. To provide someone with resources, authority or opportunity we are making it possible for them. We are not just sitting back and wondering what will happen, we are actively making it possible for each other to live our best lives. We are there to brainstorm and help each other with resources and opportunities to make it happen.

Will they lack the ability to care for themselves as they grow? I highly doubt it. If the past is any indication of the future, they will continue to grow and learn and be extremely capable of caring for themselves. We have just not see the “doubters” theories pan out in our family. Exactly the opposite is true. Not only do they learn to care for themselves as they grow in this loving, nurturing, caring environment, but they learn to care for and about others. As they grow they are just as likely to do some of those same things for me, bring along a coat or a snack. I see it every day.

Back to those few parents in my life who believe I am harming my children in some way by choosing to enable them. I know in their theory somewhere is the idea of natural consequences. That by bringing along a jacket for my son, he will not experience the natural consequence of being cold, and will not learn that he needs to bring a coat.

I figure I am a natural consequence in my children’s lives as well, a mother who loves them deeply, and wants them to be happy. So for me to leave home without those extra things, knowing we might need them, but wanting to teach my boys a “lesson”, would not be a natural consequence. Not even close to a natural consequence.

My boys see a loving mother who wants the best for them. They would feel the chill of the autumn air and then the warmth of a jacket as I snuggle them in tight. They would feel how happy it makes them that someone cared enough about them to pack a few things, even though they didn’t think they would need it. And maybe next time they will be packing something for me.

So enabling, YES, I take credit for that, I am an ENABLER! I am an enabler and a natural consequence.

We enable each other to feel joy
We enable each other to live our best lives
We enable each other to follow our interests
We enable each other to experience this world in our own time and in our own way.

How cool is that to be an enabler!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Cat Stevens - Moonshadow (live)

I woke up singing this song this morning and thought you all would enjoy a bit of Moonshadow as well.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Commit to Sit

Well the daily meditation has been going much smoother without thinking about trying to fit in two sittings into my day and making sure one is in the morning and one in the evening. It also has helped that I am doing daily yoga again.

I used to do yoga daily but that was when the children were really young and we were not on the go so much. Lately it has been no more than twice a week, sometimes only once a week. Earlier this week I woke up with horrible lower back pain. Sure I have had the usually lower back ache once in a while and a back spasm or two. But this was such intense pain that it hurt to move. I have not injured it, wasn't lifting heavy boxes or doing anything out of the ordinary, just woke up one morning and couldn't get out of bed.

So on the suggestion of my husband I have been doing a daily yoga session. I use this great DVD I purchased months ago with Patricia Walden. So in doing this it has really been stretching my back out, and even though I am still in a bit of pain, it is not nearly as intense and I can actually get around and am back to almost my daily routing.

OK that brings it around to the daily meditation. I have found it so easy, after stretching and relaxing my body, to just stay where I am and meditate. Relaxing the body flows so nicely into relaxing the mind and I am finding that the stray thoughts that were plaguing my meditation seem to stay at bay while I am totally relaxed. I can then focus on my breath, which is the "theme" of this week. So I meditate right after my yoga for about 15 minutes or so. Am really enjoying this time.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Phillip and I have been working on some felted ATCs. We really liked this one, and it was so easy, we thought we would share some pictures.

These first three are Phillip's felted ATCs.

And these last four are mine.

Polymer Clay Pendant

OK for a trade we are making pendants made from polymer clay, the kind you cook in your oven. So here is a picture of the one I made. The base is out of clay. The dangles are tourmelinated quartz with citrine and smokey quartz crystals. The theme was "nature" so I think this goes along with the theme. The wire is copper. I had so much fun with this trade. Trying to get all my trades done before we go on vacation. So much fun to be had, so little time.


Self Portrait Challenge

OK, this month is supposed to deal with my relationship with food. And I know they gave, as just an inspiration, those beautiful pictures of people in different countries sitting around a table full of the food they would generally eat. But I wanted to get away from that and really think about my relationship with food, not the whole family, not this region of the country etc. So I have a few ideas in mind and here is number one. As the stay at home mom I deal with this aspect of food on an almost intimate level. LOL

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Commit to Sit

OK the Commit to sit isn't going well at all. We went away for the weekend and I managed to meditate a couple of times but the boys needed me to be with them, I wanted to enjoy the weekend with friends I see only a couple times a year, and just didn't have time for it. I guess to me that means that meditation is not a daily priority for me. Will have to think on it some more.

I don't feel like my life is missing something. I meditate on and off. We have a family circle which includes meditation twice a month, and I live in joy every day. Maybe that is enough. Maybe I need to modify the 28 day commit to sit a bit. Not sure. I know the concept is to see how life changing, daily meditation can be. So I am thinking I will start over today. Isn't that the great part, each day you can choose something different, start again. But I am thinking that working on one meditation a day may be all I can handle right now.

So today I begin again, doing one-20 minute meditation a day, when it best fits in with my day, no set time.

Will see how that goes.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Back Home

Back home from a weekend away. We had a great time visiting with friends. The boys especially love being with a group of like minded individuals. Chatting and camp fires, cooking and eating together, just a wonderful time. Jackson left for one day to attend a colleagues funeral. I was upset about that because this is time we plan to spend together and really the only time he gets to spend uninterrupted with the boys is when we do plan to be away from home. He left on the busiest day when the boys wanted him to be there the most. But I am trying to get past that and just realize that for whatever reasons he is not sharing with me at this moment, he had to go, had to make the 3 1/2 hour drive home to attend.

I have piles of laundry, and food to put away but it was worth it. And it is good to be back home, sleeping in my own bed. Ahhhh home.