Sunday, September 16, 2007

XBOX 360 or Consensual Living

Wow. OK my youngest son was so disappointed yesterday. He was wanting a new game to play. You know how it goes, you play and play on a game then it is done, you reach the end. So yesterday he was wanting something new. Jackson happened to be running errands and so Phillip went along to stop by the store and see what games were in stock.

Bought a new XBOX 360 game. Started playing it and the system froze up completely. He was so devastated. So he and Jackson read over different web sites to see if it was something fixable. Turns out that many people are having the same problem. It is under warranty, but if you try to fix it yourself, of course, you void the warranty. So Phillip is so upset, not only can he not play the game he bought now but if we send the XBOX 360 off it probably won't be back in time for the release of Halo 3, a game they have been WAITING an eternity for. We stood in line at midnight for the release of Halo 2 and were planning on doing the same for Halo 3.

OK so now the dilemma, we are also going to Hawaii in a month and really can't afford to spend a whole lot right now, we need to have some cash for Hawaii. So we are trying to decide what to do, what options we have. Should we look for a used system, send this one off, try to fix it ourselves, will they be able to fix it, what is the turn around time? We do know that if we send it off we NEED the receipt so we are off to Best Buy today to get a copy of the receipt and see where we are at from there. Phil is opposed to buying a new system because it is too expensive and he does want to have a great time in Hawaii. But we plan to look around see what other gamers have to say and go from there.

On a lighter note instead of him playing his game yesterday we make more cool things with the Perler beads, used some of the air dry crayola clay stuff to make some miniature buildings, made guacamole and cheese dip and watched a movie then played "Scene It". So we had a fun day, jut not the exact day that Phillip had envisioned.

Could have gone so differently. And probably would have when I was a child. So many people think living consensually is so hard. And it might be when you are changing, starting out, making it work. But the more you make it work the easier it gets. And when your children really trust the relationship, the environment, and you, when they know that every one's thoughts, ideas, needs are treated as equal, the process is so smooth, and sooooo easy.

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