Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge

OK this photo is for the self portrait challenge. As anyone that has struggled with weight knows, this is the worst item to have in your bathroom, but one you are drawn to over and over again. I covered the actual weight read out with duct tape because even I don't want to know what it says. I thought about repainting my toenails a cute red color but that wouldn't really be me. This green color was painted on them like 2 months ago and as you can see if peeling off, oh well. I have never been too concerned with how my feet look. And this was the first time in years I have actually painted them at all. And Yes, I am still in my pink PJs at 5:00. Actually if I am not going anywhere I prefer to spend all my time in PJs, too comfy to wear only at night.


Deanne said...

I LOVE IT!!! Another great use for duct tape. XD

Amelia said...

LOL! You gave me a good chuckle. Cute toes!


Zenmomma said...

Hey great minds must think alike! I did a similar picture last month for the Patterns SPC. I should have saved it for Bathrooms. If only I knew. Love your duct tape. I used my toes. :D


jenica said...

love it. aren't scales the worst? i used to weigh myself obsessively, now i'm down to just once after a work out. ;-D

cute pic.

platinum blonde said...

i don't own a scale, but if i did i would duct tape the numbers!

i love this post!