Friday, September 14, 2007


I try not living in regrets but really think I can learn from them as well. So my thought is to process my regret this morning and move on and make the changes I need.

The Live and Learn Conference is over. My regret is not engaging in conversation with more people. I have always been an introvert. I know many people don't believe that but I am, deep to my core I am shy. That is why I volunteer so much, I get to meet everyone, share my gift of organization, hopefully make a positive addition and keep busy. Maybe the volunteering is good, maybe not. Maybe it is an excuse for me to meet people but never really "connect" with people. I am usually too busy to make those deep connections and really engage in conversation. I have a couple of friends that are so great at just starting a conversation and running with it. Not my forte.

So that is my regret. And something for me to ponder upon. And a goal of next year when I have a minute to engage more people in meaningful conversation.


Deanne said...

I struggle with the same feeling every year. This year I had a goal to introduce myself to a list of people I know on-line, and I ALMOST met them all. But beyond meeting them, I was still quiet in the mostly "group" settings we were in. I'm much better one on one.
Anyway, I'm so glad that we connected a little over knitting and other creative pursuits. I hope we can "connect" more in the future! ;)
Oh yeah, BTW, I finally finished my dishcloth. Yipee! It's a little unbalanced, but I love it. Thanks so much for all your help.

Pam Genant said...

I am so glad you finished the dishcloth. I think people assume I am an extrovert when in fact the opposite is true, maybe next year we can stick together and "talk" with more people, not just introduce ourselves, LOL.

Zenmomma said...

Oh Pam I'm the same way. I'm really quite introverted and have to force myself to stay in a group setting. I'm working on it too. I'm glad we talked just a bit. Maybe next time it will be even more. :o)

AnneO said...

Pam ~ you are not alone. This is the *first* year I *did* force myself to interact more (because I didn't have *speaker* status, I felt more *free* to be Me), but still I didn't get to do it with *everyone* I had wanted to...

Small steps in the right direction, though.

I'm actually working on an article about the whole thing...


(BTW, my commend moderation that I had to type was *pppoq*...I just thought that looked awesome and wanted to share it with you!)