Monday, September 10, 2007

Light Up Moments

I am back from the Live and Learn Conference, relaxing and regrouping until next year. Processing everything that happened, everything that was shared and how it felt overall. I want to write about one particular moment for my son that was what I call a "Light Up Moment".
I help organize the conference and people often ask me why I volunteer my time to do this. I would love to say it is some philanthropic desire to spread the word of unschooling to as many people as we can reach, and that would be partially true. But the REAL reason is my children. My boys love the conference (as do I), they have so much fun and look forward to it each and every year. This year, as with past years, they were looking forward to James and his Nitro Ice Cream. It was down as a funshop so the boys wanted to stop by the funshop to see what was happening. Well James engaged them in a deep discussion of the Nintendo DS and all it's capabilities. My boys being avid DS fans, were so thrilled with this.

I wasn't there but Jackson, my husband, came to me at supper and said "you should have seen Dallen's face light up when James started talking about the DS and some site called DS homebrew."

That is the real reason why I love this conference so much. That is why I love living and learning so much. Those "light up" moments. When I see other adults talk to my boys like people with thoughts and ideas and engage with them in conversations on topics that they are passionate about, and listening to their ideas. You gotta love the "light up" moments. And it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

Those are what make it all worth the effort. Watching them light up with overwhelming joy. Moments that they will NEVER forget, that help foster their passions and encourage them to think outside the box. The moments, the people....all worth every minute of my time.

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