Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Halo 3

OK the game Halo 3 was released last night at midnight. Of course we were there. Wouldn't miss that event.

It started earlier in the day, I blogged a week or so ago about our XBOX 360 being broken. Phil and Dallen were totally OK with sending it off to be fixed, under warranty so not out of pocket money, the company even mailed us an empty box with instructions and return postage to mail it in. That was good. We had pre-bought Halo 3 way back in July as a birthday present for the boys. So it was disappointing for them that the game system broke right before the release date of the game, not enough time to get it repaired. They still wanted to be there at midnight to pick up the game though. Even though they couldn't play the game, both of them thought picking it up at midnight would be exciting (and it was for Halo 2 as well).

During the day Phil made a couple of comments like "I am not as excited, we won't be able to play the game tonight, probably not until we get back from Hawaii". Then he would say "at least the PS2 is fixed so I can play on that." Just little comments. So when Jackson finished up at the office and came home I approached him. I just said ya know, I know we have Hawaii coming up and are saving for a new heating and cooling system. I know all of that. But wouldn't it be really cool if the boys could play Halo 3 tonight, after they pick up the game.

I just ran with it. Acknowledging that "moneywise" it might not be the "best" move to make, but my gut told me it would be worth it to see the boys so filled with joy. I mean we HAVE the money. Both of us realized that Jackson would have to work an extra call day to make up that money. I was so nervous approaching the subject, not knowing what his reaction would be, knowing it was now 8:00 in the evening. But he was right there with me. I MUST HAVE THE COOLEST HUSBAND IN THE WORLD!! He actually made a few phone calls to see what places had systems available, how late they were open etc.

He went shopping early, like at 9:00. Drove 30 minutes away to go see if he could pick one up somewhere. I didn't tell the boys because I didn't want them to be disappointed if we couldn't find a place open that late at night that had a system for sale etc. Jackson arrived back home and we immediately all got into the car and went off to wait in line to pick up Halo 3. When the boys got back in the car with the game, there was the system sitting there waiting for them.

I was right, the joy on their faces (another light up moment) the excitement, the anticipation of getting home, playing the game, was just incredible. It was so worth the extra money spent. Every penny. Now in a few weeks time we will have two systems. So I guess they could each have their own or whatever, they will work out that detail.

They were up until well after 3:00 (that was the time I went to sleep) this morning. Then came to bed at some point because I could hear Dallen moving in bed this morning, then Phil woke up and I heard Dallen say "great Phil you are up...lets go play Halo 3". Then I opened my eyes and it was 9:00. Dallen said "mom when you get up could you get me a bagel?" I responded "yeah". And laid in bed for another 30 minutes.
They have been playing the game all day so far. My job today is to revel in their joy, bring them finger foods every few hours, and tea, water etc. And listen when they occasionally break for air (or to use the bathroom) and need to tell someone what is going on in the game at this point in time.

Life is great. Being a mom is cool. Being THEIR mom is wonderful. Having a husband who is on the same page is "priceless".


Deanne said...

You have three very happy boys in those pictures! Heehee.

Stephanie said...

I am so pleased to read this, how exciting, the joy in their faces is priceless :)
I'm so glad I found your blog, it's Stephanie from RCU, great to see you again.

kelli said...

Isn't it awesome :)

Gotta love it! And I love that picture of your husband. Just radiating joy and excitement!

AnneO said...

Sam has been LOVING Halo 3...and Jake lives vicariously through Sam, watching him! Thanks for blogging about it!

Ren said...

You guys rock!! I guess this falls under the "why not?" category.:)

We didn't get our copy until after FLT but Jared is happily esconced in his room with Trevor or Jalen occasionally joining in. Ciara has stuck with WoW for the time being.:)

Happy Halo players everywhere...makes me smile.