Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Following Your Instincts

My boys are very perceptive children, I have always encouraged them to follow their instincts, something my parents never thought of doing. It shows itself in many ways but a couple of really cool examples presented themselves recently.

The last day of the Live and Learn Conference ended with a picnic and the Nitro Ice Cream they so love (thanks James). I had a cold and was a bit tired and ready to go home whenever they were ready. Otherwise I was just sitting and chatting a bit. We only live 45 minutes away from the camp so I was also thinking of what I needed to do at home...feed the chickens, do laundry, figure out what we have in the house to eat, etc....

So the boys said they were both ready to go we headed off to the car and about halfway there Dallen said "you know it just doesn't feel right to leave now". I know he was thinking that it was the end, he didn't want it to ever come to an end, he was going to miss all the fun, friends, and acceptance. So we turned around and headed back to the picnic for about another hour. Cool. He talked with friends some more and we left when he felt he was ready.

That could have gone so differently had I been a different parent. I COULD have said, we are almost to the car, I don't want to stay lets get in the car and go. He would have started crying and been so sad, and we COULD have left with all of us in a bad place and a negative feeling.


My youngest son last night was feeling some of the post conference let down. Realizing that his friends have gone home, he won't see them tonight, the activity is over. He was sad, so I listened to him talk about how he was feeling, and he decided that today he needs to do things with me more and he made himself a mental list. He wants to go out to the chickens with me today, and watch me as I plant some fall seeds, and he wants to read with me and cook with me. So today is going to be a reconnection day. At the conference it seems like they are having so much fun I rarely see my boys. We touch base in the morning and evening and at meal time. Now we need to have some time and space to reconnect.

ALL IS GOOD, When we listen to our instincts.

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