Sunday, September 23, 2007

As If I Were Your Mother

I have posted before about trying to approach each new situation from a place of love and each person with admiration. Well I was reading my Tricycle Magazine this morning and there was an article with the title "As If I Were Your Mother". As a mother, this article made so much sense and is along the same lines as approaching each situation from a place of love. Let me quote just a piece of the article by Sarah Aceto:

" What if I remembered that every sentient being has at one time been my child? If I could imagine everyone being as precious to me as my son, perhaps I could finally recognize the shadow of a Buddha within me...So we can listen to the person in traffic, the person who smiles, the person who never glances our way. Listen through his words and actions. Listen for the echoes of your crying child. What does she need? Go to her. Pick her up. Wrap her in your acceptance and rock her to sleep."

How amazing is that. I am really working on that this week especially. I have a meeting coming up and am nervous about it, about the whole situation. I generally don't like conflict. And am trying to NOT anticipate any conflict at all. But I have to lead this meeting, and want to keep in mind that in another life each individual was a child of mine.

Approach each situation from a position of love. Approach each individual with admiration and as a child of mine.

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