Monday, September 17, 2007

Another Frustrating Moment for Phil

Phil has just been having a tough couple of days. We did find out that the XBOX 360 was still under warranty so we could ship it in and have it fixed. Disappointing in that it will take about 3 weeks to get it back, so the boys won't have the 360 when Halo 3 comes out. Jackson also did some research to figure out just what was wrong with the controller port on the PS2 and found a place to buy the part online at a minimal cost. So Phil helped Jackson with that, it is being shipped out today so hopefully by the end of the week they will have the PS2 back in working order. A satisfactory substitute until we get the 360 back, so Phil was happy again, and looking forward to helping Jackson fix the PS2.

This morning was another story. As I was reading e mails, both boys still sleeping, the cable went out, no Internet, no TV. Phil woke up a few minutes after the demise of the cable and was again disappointed. Not with the cable being out exactly, but more about it being out of his control. He had no choice in the matter at all, and that irritated him and set him up for a "bad day" scenario. In his frustration he did ask me to try to help him find "something to do". OK so I do have a list to get us started thinking. Play games, or build a puzzle...."no". We can read, or watch a movie, maybe pop some popcorn...."no". How about something arts and crafty, we have plenty of that around....."no". Do you want to go outside and play or go out the chickens or help in the garden..."no". What about playing ball with the dogs or playing on a game system, listening to music, cooking...."no".

Nothing seemed to appeal to him. I really think Phil was stuck on the cable being out, that he had no control over that, and he couldn't get past that. So we talked just a minute about letting the one event control our day, our emotions etc.

Well we ended up working on Sea Animals trading cards for an ATC trade, then I started playing with the pattern blocks making designs. Phil quickly joined in and started making his own design. That was a BIG help in him moving on. Then he wanted to pop popcorn and watch the movie Garfield. A great laid back 1 1/2 hours. He had moved past the cable incident. Was now moving forward with his day. When Garfield was over we noticed that the cable was back on. He turned the TV off and kept working with the pattern blocks. He didn't "need" the TV, he "needed" the choice to watch it or not. Having that choice taken away was really big for Phil. But he moved on, difficult at first, but he moved past the incident...That was BIG for Phil.

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