Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Full Moon Family Circle

Well we decided to do our family full moon circle last night instead of the night before. It was just rainy and cloudy and you couldn't see the full moon, so we postponed it by unanimous decision to last night.

And what a night last night was, BEAUTIFUL. The moon was gorgeous and it was nice outside, not too hot. We have a regular circle gathering we do every month, gathering our items we need and making our circle. Then we also read a bit about the full moon, different every month, and do a little spiritual exercise that is different every month, and we end with a short relaxation and guided meditation and finally close our circle.

Last night was really nice, I needed that. I have been so busy this week that I have felt in a mental fog. So last night I was able to relax a bit, reconnect with the family, and rejuvenate....nice.... During the circle a beetle climbed up on Phil's pillow, he is 10. He wanted to move it away. I suggested that maybe the beetle was there for a reason, so Phil came and sat on my lap for the rest of the evening and sure enough that beetle changed his direction and crept along toward Phil. So we are certain Phil is supposed to gain something from this beetle, we watched it for a while and Phil wants to look it up today to see what kind of beetle it was. Very cool for all of us. Sometimes you never know what form your spirit guides will take.

So I am feeling much more energetic today. I suppose actually getting some sleep helped on that end. Relaxing enough to be able to sleep without playing my "to do" list over and over again in my head was easier after our circle.

Now I am off to see what that beetle was, with my son.

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