Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Live and Learn Conference ATCs

I was so inspired and energized yesterday. I started going through magazines looking for pictures, words, sayings to use for Art Trading Cards for the Live and Learn Conference. These will go with others made by other people to be raffled off for the scholarship fund. The ironic part is that I found ALL the pictures, clipping, words and parts of words in a homeschool magazine. A friend gave me a stack of magazines for my soul collage project and the one with the best UNSCHOOLING gems was the homeschool mag. Do you think the editor had that in mind when s/he created the magazine. Oh well...... OK this is funny, the "un" in unschool came from a Bob Jones University ad. LOL
I just thought that boy looked so happy.

No explanation necessary!!


Ren said...

These are so cool!! Wish I could be there to trade and see all the art.:)

Laura said...

Those are just lovely! I've never made an ATC, and actually joined the IT group in hopes of learning and becoming inspired to stretch a little. The only trade i've done so far is the poetry one, but I loved it and treasure the book and have shared it with friends and started a poetry project with them, inspired by the IT one. Saw your blog link in your email to IT, too - lovely reading on a lazy Sunday morning!