Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Lion King

I have a minute this morning to add another bit to my Lion King post. While we were in line to get in, there was a crowd of people, and all were pushing and trying to get into the building. Phil, our 10 year old, was separated from us by about 10 feet. Nothing major for me, I could still see him and was calling to him. But he could not hear me over the crowd, and he was just out of reach so I couldn't tap him or reach for him. So I let out a big mommy yell "PHIL I'M OVER HERE!!!" It was so funny because everyone stopped (well it seemed like everyone, probably more like everyone in my general vicinity), if you have ever been around me you know my voice can "carry" is that a nice way of putting it. All these people were looking at me, but I didn't care. Phil heard me and that was all I cared about, he had a look on his face that looked like he was about to panic in all these people, but hearing my voice he turned and saw me and immediately calmed down and knew it was OK. I secretly think some of the moms in the area were thinking "yeah...been there...done that" because I know this was not the first time I have yelled across a crowded room so my boys could hear me. LOL.

Phil was a little shaken, but we held each other for a minute, there in the crowd of people. Never too many people that I can't STOP for a second to hug my baby, then we proceeded. I asked Phil if he wanted to hold my hand until we got to our seats, and he was more than agreeable. He soon forgot the event ever happened. And it did not deter from the magical time we had at the performance.

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