Saturday, August 11, 2007

Just Amazing

What amazing friends I have, what amazing people are out there. You know it is so easy to get down about homeschooling here in the "south". Sometimes it seems like if you are not of a certain religion you are swimming upstream, against the current.

But it is times like today that I am TOTALLY amazed. It started off with just an idea, for a totally inclusive homeschool conference here in NC. A state "run", it seems most of the time, by a very conservative Christian organization. OK am I crazy. It has been a few years now that I thought, yes, I am crazy to think it could ever be any different, that people would even want an inclusive homeschool conference, would come, would pay. But last year I mentioned my idea to a couple of dear friends, and they were totally onboard instantly. Not surprised as they are my friends and we have some similar underlying philosophical similarities.

So we made it happen, I called people I knew, people I didn't know. "Would you come talk to homeschoolers. No I can't pay you anything we are working on "borrowed" money, not knowing at all if anyone will come." And surprisingly, these wonderful people said yes, no hesitation. Donating their time to bring information to the people here in North Carolina. Information about homeschooling, with no preset filter. We wanted to provide accurate, unbiased information. And you know what. People came, people loved it, people were surprised that this was not a conference with an agenda, that it came about because of the drive of three homeschooling moms. People were, to use one attendees word here, "transformed". We had sessions going all day, we had speakers chatting with people in the halls, we just had so much sharing of information. It was wonderful to see. And I realize I HAVE AMAZING FRIENDS!!!!!

It was a wonderful, inspiring, spectacular event. With people who really care about bringing information to people, sharing their knowledge and passions. People with no agenda, no ulterior motives, just people who care. It is amazing when it happens, and we hope to make it happen on a yearly basis. Just three moms "on a mission".

OK now time to head off for some much needed rest before the Live and Learn Conference in THREE WEEKS!! Am I crazy. LOL.

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