Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Oh wow! What a truly awesome day. I know that word is thrown around a lot and may be a bit cliche, but today was AWESOME! Jackson bought me a pow wow drum for Christmas. Yes a pow wow drum, and it is the most beautiful drum I have ever seen. Such care was taken to make this drum. Jackson told me he talked with the craftsman several times to get the drum just right for me. Such positive energy, and love went into this gift and I am truly blessed to have someone who loves me so much as to know what speaks to my heart. We have drummed several times, out on our deck, we have 12 acres so the "neighbors" can't see us drumming, but I am sure they can HEAR us. Wonder what they think, LOL.

Today I got out my drum and just sat it out in the middle of my room, moved my massage table out of the way, picked up a couple of pillows to sit on, so I would be high enough to play and just started drumming. I found "my" beat and just beat a rhythmic, steady beat. It beat to my very soul, vibrations through my body from my head to my feet. The boys were engrossed in something else, so I just stayed there for probably an hour meditating and drumming. When you get the right beat, the right vibration it just seems like it connects deep in your heart. It was so nice. Then Dallen dropped by my room and wanted to take a couple of pictures. So here they are. You can see me drumming (very rare to see me in a picture at all) and you can see my beautiful drum, my heartbeat. Phillip joined us and started drumming with me, then I pulled out my flute and started to play while the boys drummed the beat. And Dallen followed suit and started playing his flute to the drumming. It was so nice, so peaceful, so rhythmic, and connecting. Just an AWESOME day, with my AWESOME boys, and an AWESOME drum!!!

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