Thursday, August 30, 2007


Today's daily soul retreat was really thought provoking for me. Here is an excerpt:
One of the most powerful tools for good I have found to exist throughout life is admiration. To admire something is to hold it in high regard and to appreciate it. I've found that when living beings are acknowledged with admiration and appreciation, all sorts of good things come forth.

It kind of goes along with something I wrote about a few days ago. I wrote about approaching every situation and interaction from a place of love and peace. That bringing peace to the relationship/situation can bring peace to those around you and set the whole encounter up to be more peaceful and loving. This goes along with that. It is a hard line to admire without being false. But it is true, I have seen it work with others and myself. Everyone likes to be held in high regard for what they bring to this life. Should we need outside admiration, maybe not, but I know for me it does feel good to get that pat on the back.

So maybe my new mantra should be to bring love, peace and admiration to every situation.

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