Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Daily Groove and Breastfeeding

Today's Daily Groove was just the right thing for me to read this morning. Yesterday I had been reading an article on the ABC news web site about extended breastfeeding, and also reading some of the comments. There are so many people who feel breastfeeding beyond the age of one year is just WRONG. I was amazed. And really couldn't put words to the uneasy feeling I was experiencing at the time. All I could think of was "why do so many people think it is so terrible?" Then I read this little clip of the Daily Groove today: "Living in an anti-pleasure culture -- where sacrifice and toil are glorified while pleasure-seeking is disdained -- we've been conditioned to *tolerate*unpleasant states like boredom and confinement."

That is it, hit the nail on the head. So many people commented that the "child needs to learn to self-soothe." Why? Why do we tolerate unpleasant states. Why do we think a child should learn to self-soothe when I am right there to help them, and would do anything in my power to help soothe? Why has this society been so conditioned to think that this is a lesson we need to learn at the age of one? Why tolerate the unpleasant state when we can change it? Hopefully my boys are learning differently. I would love for them to learn that we don't have to tolerate unpleasant states, we can make the choice for change. And I hope I am an example of that for them.

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